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Ground-breaking tunnel-boring tech for faster, cheaper tunneling and trenching.

Our Mission

Our vision for EarthGrid is to build a subterranean network of tunnels to rapidly eliminate fossil fuels, reach 100% renewable energy, and offer quantum ultra-high-speed Internet, sustainable clean water, wastewater, transportation & delivery services.

We are raising capital to begin boring Underground tunnels.

Own, Operate and Maintain utility tunnels to accelerate the Clean Power Revolution.




High-Tech Tunneling Solutions

Up to

Meters Each Day

100x faster than the competition


per Meter

Up to 90% less expensive


per KM*

Up to 98% less

Using plasma created from electricity & airflow, plumes of up to 27,000 degrees Celsius bores at speeds of 1 km per day by vaporizing & spallation (breaking the rock into little bits). We bore deep enough (~3 to 30m below the surface) to avoid the ‘spaghetti’ of other utilities already in the ground. 

We are so much less expensive due to far lower operating costs (no need to change out drill bits & cutter heads multiple times daily, much lower energy consumption, robotics = far fewer workers, no drilling mud and/or drilling chemicals to dispose of, easier spoils removal, sale of our spoils for road & concrete manufacturing, etc.)

The process uses no fossil fuels or combustion, and the electricity is sourced from 100% clean renewable energy

*Subject to change based on tunnel diameter, length, wholesale power prices, and other factors

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B.O.O.M. Model

Build Own Operate & Maintain for customers who prefer to simply sign a long-term lease or tolling agreement covering the commodities flowing thru our tunnels (EarthGrid PBC covers 100% of all costs of development, construction, operation, etc.)

B.A.D.A.S.S. Model

Boring and Drilling as a Simple Service for customers who want to own their tunnels

Upgrading the Grid & Reshaping Communities

The current grid is outdated and overloaded. We aim to change that, facilitating the needs for more utility connections. We aim to get rid of unsightly and often hazardous overhead utility lines, making communities safer, providing many new job opportunities, low-cost broadband and power, and making our more critical utility infrastructure more resilient & reliable.

Tunnel Boring

EarthGrid’s Solution

Our groundbreaking Tunnel Boring Tech, the TBR. EarthGrid uses patented technology, high temperature plasma torches to cut through all soil types at much faster rates than any other technology. With the promise of costs at scale of $500,000 per kilometer, EarthGrid offers a disruptive solution suitable for electric grid undergrounding.